The Original Pizza Card Game

Welcome to our Pizza Card Game website.The Pizza Card Game is for 2 to 8 players and ages 7 to adult. The object of the game is to be the first player to obtain 7 different pizza topping cards and the one and only “ANCHOVY Pizza Card.” This is the way the original card game is played building a Supreme Pizza hand.

Pizza Card Game Logo with Pepperoni Background
Pizza Card Game Logo

An avid player, who loves the Pizza Game, discovered there were other variations of card game play. You can play the Meat Lovers, Veggie Lovers, Pepperoni Lovers, over 40 pizza topping ways to play. Choose your favorite pizza toppings and play. Let’s say you love Pepperoni and Mushrooms on your pizza. The Cheese Card MUST always be included. Then the first player to obtain ONLY Cheese, Pepperoni and Mushroom Cards AND the ANCHOVY Pizza Game Card wins the game. It’s simple. Just like in the original rules the “Wild Card” can replace any Pizza Topping card but you MUST have the ANCHOVY Pizza Game Card to win.

Fun Card Game While Eating Pizza

The Pizza Card Game is fun, family oriented and great for social gatherings while eating pizza. The delicious pictures on the cards make people crave pizza. The game usually takes just 15 to 45 minutes to play. A longer point version ideal for pizza parties is automatically included in the rules. For Birthday Parties, Birthday and Christmas gifts, camping, pizza parties, social gatherings, when traveling or just for the fun of it. Go to our Store Page to order now. ONLY “The Anchovy Pizza Game” is in stock and can be ordered now.

EXAMPLE TO THE GAME ABOVE: If you obtain 3 Cheese Cards, 2 Mushroom Cards, 1 Pepperoni Card, 1 Wild Card and the ANCHOVY Pizza Game Card you would win! Eight cards are dealt out to every player and all players must keep 8 cards in their hand including the winner.

We are excited about finally ordering more product, hopefully soon. A new pizza pic is planned to be on the backs of all the cards.