Pizza Card Game

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The Pizza Card Game with the cool name “” can be ordered now. Shipping can only be guaranteed to go out for the “Pepperoni Pizza Backs!” (this is the original “Anchovy the Pizza Game” in stock and can be sent now) The pizza lovers card game is action packed and gives everyone a chance to win until the last card is played. Great game to play while you’re eating pizza!

The game is usually just 10 to 30 minutes long. There is also a longer version of playing several pizza games until someone gets 240 points or more. This player becomes the grand champion of Pizza Game 240! Why 240? If you win with no Wild Cards you get 100 points, with 1 Wild Card 80 points and with 2 or 3 Wild Cards you get 60 points.

There are several combinations that equal 240 points or more! And of course it can be harder to win with no Wild Cards so you get more points.

Again, the original version called “Anchovy” the Pizza Game” is in stock and is ready to be shipped promptly!

The Supreme Version of the Pizza Backs is on hold.

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Family man, entrepreneur with a passion for new ideas and inventions. Also enjoy BBQ, gardening, geography, guitar, website stuff and of course - making homemade pizza and calzones!

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