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WIld Card in place of Ham Card

The Pizza Game with the Pepperoni Pizza Backs came about solely on Uber riders opinions. We were set to go with just the Supreme Pizza Backs but about 6 or 7 out of 10 Uber riders said they liked the original pizza backs better. The original backs look more like pepperoni's with red sauce but if you look closely they are pepperoni's and mushrooms. We are improving it with a more appetizing Cheese and Pepperoni pic! Also, the Pizza Game Dot Com card is being changed to "The Pizza Game Card." Play the Meat Lovers, Veggie Lovers and many other Pizza Games with the same card game! This gives tremendous value and endless hours of pizza party fun.

Well, Uber riders in Nashville come from all over the country because it is such a great tourist destination. They, along with the locals, are a tremendous source of demographic marketing and very opinionated about the pizza backs. And this is exactly what we needed. So in conclusion there are 2 backs to choose from. Many will want both! We can ONLY guarantee shipping to go out sometime in FEBRUARY 2018 for the Pepperoni Pizza Backs. We are currently planning a KICKSTARTER crowdfunding campaign to raise funds from Thanksgiving to approximately December 24th. We are trying hard to get them out sooner. Thank you for your support!

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