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Product Details comes with your choice of 2 different Pizza Backs. The "SUPREME PIZZA BACKS" have the 7 toppings needed to win the game along with the Pizza Game Dot Com card. The Pizza Menu Cards also have the toppings listed needed to win. The game is a lot of fun and makes you crave pizza. For ages 7 to adult and for 2-8 players there is a longer Pizza Party version included of several pizza card games! The Pizza Game Dot Com card is being changed to "The Pizza Game Card." Also, several different pizza topping games can be played with the same game. Play the Meat Lovers, Veggie Lovers and many other Pizza Games with the same card game! This gives tremendous value and endless hours of pizza party fun.

You can order the Pizza Game with the Supreme Pizza Backs now but we can only guarantee shipping to go out sometime in FEBRUARY 2018 for the Supreme Pizza Backs. We are currently planning a KICKSTARTER campaign to raise funds for the newly branded Supreme and Pepperoni back pizza games. We are trying to get them out sooner. Thank you for your support!

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