Uber Riders


Many of you know I am an Uber driver primarily in the Nashville area. The very valuable input from my  riders on the Pizza Game has been astounding.  Also, there is an amazing chemistry and camaraderie among Uber drivers and some riders. The Merriam-Webster simple definition of “Camaraderie” is a feeling of good friendship among the people in a group. It is partially the phenomenon of the whole Uber experience but also the mutual love of pizza and new ideas.  Everyone has opinions about their favorite pizza whether it’s thick pan, crispy thin, hand tossed or my favorite – square Sicilian.

Square Sicilian

Square Sicilian

The following changes of the game are from the direct impact of my Uber riders.

  • Two “Pizza Back” choices. One with only Pepperoni’s and Cheese, the other with the seven toppings on the pizza backs that are needed to win the game. You may want both. The play of the game is the same regardless of what pizza backs you choose.
  • The choice of calling the Pizza Game Dot Com Card the “Pizza Game Card”  if desired – in the rules.